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Made in collaboration with

Nais Hoang and Kazuki Guzmán

A majority of the world's population population that isn’t quarantining alone. Is there a way to make that experience happier, healthier and ultimately safer for everyone involved?


Good communication is the foundation of strong, healthy, relationships. So how can we facilitate open conversations and strengthen those relationships?


Our solution is 

listen logo-04.png

the App and/or Card Game that facilitates open and healthy conversation by integrating tried and true, therapist-recommended, communication techniques into an easy to user interface. 



The visual identity of the system is the key to making a tool people will feel comfortable using. 

With a calming color palette and curved icons, the app and card set is inviting, friendly and easy to use. 

How it works (LISTen app):

1) Initiating a talk


When you download the app you set up your “family”. This can be a partner, literal family, roommate, or friend you’re cohabiting with. Anyone in the family can initiate a request to talk, you simply press the “I have something to say” button, choose the person you need to talk to, and write your list. 


The App encourages you to write a positive item first to help calm you before writing the negative. Users cannot add to the list or send the list until they have written a positive point for every negative point. 

2) Reviewing a request


Once the request is sent, the other user receives a notification indicating who the sender is. When you open the request you see one negative and one positive point at a time, with an option to take notes and gather your thoughts. Once you have gone through every point you are prompted to re-arrange the points in the order you’re most comfortable addressing them in. At this point (if you haven’t already) you can submit a list of your own or press “I’m ready to listen” 

3) Finding resolution


When someone says they’re ready to listen the other person is notified, and when they are indicate that they are ready to listen, both users receive a list of “Talking points” with a suggested activity they can perform while having their heart to heart. 

Users “resolve” issues by talking them through and clicking on the issue, but it only disappears if both parties click it. When the list is complete users are asked if they feel comfortable tackling unresolved points from previous conversations, they can choose to talk now or wait until both are truly ready.  

4) Other resources


The app has some other tools built into it; a glossary of communication techniques to help people further improve their skills and a “progress log” that shows all of your resolved issues to remind you how far you’ve come. It’s a reward model of sorts. 


We also added an emergency button for people who feel they may be in a dangerous or violent home situation. 

LISTen Cards:

(hover over to flip)

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Positive Thing To Say Card

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Communication Techniques

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Negative Thing To Say Card

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Constructive Action Cards

How to play:


(the cards are plasticized so you can use a dry erase marker directly on them) 

1 Throughout the course of a day (or longer) players can choose to fill out +/- cards every time they feel the need to make a point of something 


  • You must fill out a positive card for every negative card however. 


  • Players slowly built their respective piles. 

2 When the day is done (or the players are ready to talk) they exchange piles and read through the cards seeing the positives first followed by the negatives. 

3 Players remove the positive cards from their piles and shuffle the negative cards 

4 Place a communication technique card between every negative card.


(hover to flip)

5 Flip over the deck to reveal the talking list - complete with helpful tips for better communication after every point!

5.5 Players can choose to draw an activity card (salmon color) before having their heart to heart to give them an idea of an activity they can do together before or during their talk. 


6  Players have a conversation working through every point and erasing the point when the issue has been resolved/talked through.  

  • unresolved cards are saved and added to the bottom of the next days pile.

7 At the end of the talk players read through the positive cards to end on a good note. 


Thank you for listening 
listen logo-04.png