*Kozo sreen is the only object from my senior thesis project that I managed to create before studios were shut down due to Covid19.

The Question:

What would a piece of furniture look like if it were born from a memory of a time, place or person? 

What happens if instead of meaning growing on an object over time, the object emerges from meaning, memory and association. This project aims to raise awareness in its audience of the emotional depth of meaning associated with objects, and the way materiality can be used to express a story, time, place, person or feeling. 


How can the stories our objects tell us be turned into a portrait of a life?


Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 12.45.28 PM.pn

I drew inspiration for my first object from my mother's relationship with her piano.


She started playing at a young age and as she grew older the piano became a place of sanctuary for her. In an interview she described the piano as the one space in the house she could go to be with herself. She made this space with her music.


As children my sibling and I knew not to disturb her.

Before thinking of a physical form for the piece I wrote a poem to synthesize my thoughts. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 1.01.01 PM.png

When creating the object I wanted to capture the essence of how it feels knowing that when she's playing she is in her own world. A delicate world. A world that would crumble if touched. 


The paper screen implies a dual experience: one from the outside and one from within. Spectator and hider. The paper, thin as a moths wing symbolizes both the delicate nature of her piano playing, but also the music itself that wells up around her like water pouring into an empty ocean. The undulating pattern is reminiscent of the sound of her improvised melodies ...


and if you were to turn the screen on its side, you would see the waved undulating through a musical staff. 

fo web.png

Thank you.

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