During my time at Brown/RISD I was the poster designer for the Brazil Initiative (part of the Watson Institute for International and Foreign affairs)... 

Márcia Lima-01.jpg
Ruben Oliven-01.jpg
Madame Sata (2400x3600).jpg
George Avelino 2400x3600.jpg
Erica Williams (2400x3600).jpg

...these are some of my favorite designs. 

Un Network for democracy (Full Solid).pn
Fernanda Martinelli-2400x3600jpg.jpg

Each poster was a challenge and research project in and of itself. 

The Hyperwomen-01.jpg
Jaime Amparo Alves (2400x3600).jpg
Benjamin Cowan (2400x3600)-01.jpg
Amilcar Poster 2400x3600.jpg
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